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Technology Solutions for Every Program

Build and deliver exams. Blaze the frontiers of new item types. Securely track and manage incidents. Expand your item pool using SmartItem™ technology and the power of AIG. Conduct monitoring and investigations with personalized protocols. The possibilities are endless. With Caveon’s twin-technology platforms, there’s a solution for every situation.

Our technology solutions are powerful alone—but they’re even better when used together.

Caveon Testing Platform

End-to-end solutions to build, enhance, deliver, and analyze your exams.


Create exams with a powerful, efficient, and secure test development tool.

  • Build self-protecting items
  • Collaborate remotely and securely
  • Easily manage user roles and permissions

Deliver exams that are protected from cheating and theft.

  • Customize your remote proctoring capabilities
  • Integrate with development/administration systems through a flexible API
  • Never need to install software
  • Watermark with multiple methods

Generate thousands of unique items using the power of SmartItems.

  • Expand your item pool with lightning-fast AIG
  • Create millions of variable permutations
  • Save on costs associated with SME time and work
  • Design, generate, and export quickly and easily

Bring the power of SmartItems to your existing development and delivery systems.

  • Build impenetrable, immortal items
  • Integrate easily with existing systems
  • Implement an easy-to-use GUI
  • Create custom item templates

Caveon Core™

Track, manage, and eliminate threats with security-focused incident management.

Caveon Core Software | Caveon Test Security
  • Collect, manage, and report data from external sources all within one central dashboard.
  • Review testing data from your districts, schools, and vendors in real time.
  • Automatically push priority incidents to the people who need to see them.
  • Decrease response times to major incidents.
  • Upload, visualize, and categorize external data, such as incident report data from your delivery vendor.
  • Upload, visualize, and categorize external data, such as test vendor incident report data.
Caveon Core Software | Caveon Test Security
  • Analytics provide a snapshot of your security health to help you understand areas of weakness.
  • Replace FTP servers and share data files internally with no software installation required.
  • Conduct cost-effective Just In Time Data Forensics™. Simply upload and receive results through Core.
  • Enhance your Web Patrol efforts with improved flexibility, security, and responsiveness.
Caveon Core Software | Caveon Test Security
  • Follow a checklist of industry-vetted guidelines to collect standardized test administration and inquiry data.
  • View and respond to priority incidents in real time.
  • Give non-professional monitors and investigators the tools they need to do professional-level work.
  • Build your own tip lines and incident reporting forms to support your unique test administration policies.

Item Enhancements

SmartItem Technology

Build your un-steal-able exam.

Sorry, fraudsters. Memorizing stolen questions from a SmartItem exam won’t help you do well. The secret to performing well on a test using SmartItem technology? Possess the knowledge or skills being measured. The SmartItem, an innovation in self-protecting items, uses special technology during development to appear differently each time they’re administered (like, more-permutations-of-this-exam-than-there-are-stars-in-the-observable-universe different).

DOMC Items

The multiple-choice makeover.

Prevent fraud and secure more accurate and useful test scores—all while saving time and money. Discrete Option Multiple Choice (DOMC) items are the long-awaited makeover for the multiple-choice item type. Content-protective to reduce item exposure, DOMC-based exams prevent many types of test fraud, reduce test administration and development costs, and neutralize the major arguments against multiple-choice raised by critics of testing.

What Our Clients Say

“We are a company that is new to the online testing environment and were looking for a trusted provider that would also be willing to guide us in this process. We would recommend Caveon due to the superior responsiveness and flexibility to meet our testing needs. We even had an unusual request that Caveon helped build into the test environment. It’s been a joy to work with Caveon.

Sharon Epps
COO & Director of Training Kingdom Advisors

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