The SmartItem™ Ebook

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The SmartItem is an innovation that has the power to protect your assessments from the effects of cheating, testwiseness, and theft, while also decreasing costs and improving fairness.

In his new ebook, Dr. David Foster discusses a revolutionary concept in item and test design: the SmartItem. Without hyperbole, the SmartItem can prevent all test theft, and almost all forms of cheating. Such a claim cannot be ignored, and we invite all to learn more in Dr. David Foster’s new book.

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SmartItems Ebook

Why SmartItem Technology?

The Problem

Despite almost four decades of ever-evolving computing power, technology in the service of testing has generally remained the same. Most tests and their items are still identical in design to those created in 1915!

We’ve made strides in computerizing the test administration process, including convenient and less expensive ways to proctor tests. However, these technologies still tend to support—rather than disrupt—the way tests are built.

Why is it that, as an industry, testing and assessment appears stuck in the early 20th century? What wonderful, disruptive innovations should we have experienced by now if we were not held back by archaic test and item design architecture? 

The Solution

The SmartItem, a revolutionary concept in item and test design, isn’t a new item type. It’s a way to treat item formats to make them more efficient, have greater generalizability, and best of all, protect themselves from piracy and cheating.

The SmartItem is the product of a patented method of item design that Dr. Foster believes could change the world of testing forever. The result? Improved fairness, curtailed test fraud, improved learning, more efficient development, and more cost-effective testing.

Disrupting the status quo is never easy. The testing industry, like so many other others, must first come together to deeply understand its obstacles and rally behind the best path forward.

Tests should be:

  1. More secure

  2. More fair

  3. More accessible

  4. Measuring well

  5. More affordable

The SmartItem:

  1. Boosts security

  2. Promotes fairness

  3. Is accessible

  4. Measures well

  5. Curtails ballooning costs